Leather care

Your leather shoes will last as long as you want them to, as long as you give them the care they need. The first thing you need to know is that there are several types of leather, depending on their treatment and finish, and not all are cleaned or cared for in the same way. Remember that leather is, in fact, leather, and it can dry out, crack, stain, deform.

All our shoes are made of leather. Like any leather, leather must be moisturized and protected from humidity if we do not want it to appear stains, crack or lose its color. That is to say that our leather shoes should have a special treatment in our closet. For this reason, always try to keep your IDs. INSIGNIA Dsgn in their bag and dust them before doing so.

Here's what you should know about taking care of your leather shoes:

Clean it
Leather and water are not very compatible. If you are going to clean your leather shoes you should remove large particles with a dry cloth (to avoid scratching the material), and use a damp cloth to remove the remaining dust and dirt. Don't wait until they get too dirty to clean them; excess dirt can cause them to fade or dry out.

Moisturize the leather
There are many leather conditioners on the market that help moisturize the leather and prevent it from cracking. Our recommendation is that whenever you buy a leather garment, you should always invest in leather care products. Anyway, a good tip is to put some hand cream without lotion evenly on your smooth leather garments and shoes to keep them moisturized. We recommend using the Bepanthene brand in case you feel that the material is very dry.

How to do it? First, clean the dust with a cloth or a very soft bristle brush. Then, apply a small amount of moisturizing cream with the help of a cloth (preferably microfiber) and in circular movements. Finally, let it sit for at least two hours before use.

Let it dry naturally
If your shoes get wet, do not put them in the sun. Let them dry in a place at room temperature, away from direct heat sources. Avoid the urge to use your hair dryer to try to remove the moisture. The change in temperature changes their chemical structure and can change their shape.

Brush suede and nubuck leather.
If you have a silkier surface leather, it will be more sensitive to sunlight, stains and fading. This type of leather should be cared for with a special brush using circular movements and a different cleaning product than the one used for smooth leather. It is best to protect it from dirt instead of removing it.

Linen care

Linen is one of the most sophisticated natural fiber fabrics. It does not retain or block air, which makes it perfect for cool garments. It is durable and practical, and becomes softer and more comfortable after wear and washing.

Dry clean this garment, or hand wash only when you feel it is strictly necessary. If your garment is colored, try to wash it separately from other garments.

Do not tumble dry. Dry it in the wind, lying down or on a flat surface.

Iron it preferably with steam.