Timeless pieces that highlight the allure of simple details

Founded in Colombia in 2016, Insignia Dsgn has quality and vibrancy sewn into its pieces. Since its inception, co-founders and sisters, Daniela Carvajal and Carolina Carvajal have collaborated with local Colombian manufacturers to create our leather pieces and hand-made garments. We have continued to work closely with local partners, ensuring responsible production processes and a fair payment, along with the best quality craftsmanship.

At the heart of the brand are thoughtfully produced, timeless, utilitarian-inspired designs that highlight the allure of simple details and evoke a sense of travel and forever-summer days. Insignia Dsgn is looked for their clean, refined and versatile silhouettes manufactured in high quality materials that ensure comfort and durability. We believe curating a soulful wardrobe is essential to celebrate the feast of life.

Insignia Dsgn, for the extraordinary every-day.